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Product Description

The Stealth Wireless remote control system is compatible with both 12v and 24v winches and has a range of up to 100 feet depending on local conditions. This allows you to move around whilst carrying out winching making it both easier and safer. It comes with an on/off button and an LED indicator allowing you to avoid unintentional activation. The simple wiring on this unit allows it to be easily retro fitted to most types of 12v and 24v solenoid controlled winches.

Lost or broken a handset?  With most budget controls this means replacing the whole system, which is more expensive and takes up valuable time and effort. With the Stealth remote this is not a problem! Rather than having to replace the whole system, simply purchase a replacement handset and pair it with the existing receiver.  This feature alone makes the Stealth Wireless control stand out from the crowd!


♦ Hand Control = 112mm x 57mm x 19mm
♦ Control Box = 70mm x 45mm x 24mm
♦ Control Box Wires = 220mm

Colour Code:

♦ Red: Live
♦ Black: Earth
♦ White and Yellow: Switched Lives (winch in/out)
♦ Blue: Aerial (Left Unconnected)

Replacement Handset Pairing Instructions:

1. Disconnect the power supply to the winch and receiver
2. Turn off the wireless control handset
3. Hold Both the In & Out buttons on the handset
4. Whilst holding the In and Out buttons, turn on the on the handset
5. The LED on the handset will now be flashing
6. Whilst still holding the In & Out Buttons connect the power supply to the winch and receiver
7  When paired, the solenoid will respond with a momentary activation
8. Release buttons on the handset.  Your handset is now paired.


♦ Only two handsets can be paired at a time, pairing a new handset will un-pair the oldest handset registered to the receiver, you may have to re-pair your second handset.
♦ This instruction only works with the wireless control system with product code CPAST1224

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information relating to this product, in the interest of technical improvement this specification may be altered without notice.

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